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Hombres de negocios que aplauden


Our Programs

We design training programs adapted to the needs of the company. Adjusting methodology and professionals to the requirements raised by the client.

Likewise, we have some courses already laid out that can be offered both In-Company and On-line (synchronous and totally asynchronous, which allow the participant to adjust their study times and rhythm to their needs), designed on our own platform and certified by the Institute of Modernization of the UNLZ.

Colegas trabajando juntos
Management of work teams

Work teams or teamwork?

By nature, human beings seek membership in a group that contains us and allows us to develop fully. Within the workplace, work teams meet these expectations.

With this course, the participant will be able to identify the appropriate way to coordinate high-performance work teams, analyzing the importance of efficient management of interpersonal relationships, the work environment, conflict resolution, and the management of emotional intelligence.

El tiempo
Efficient time management

Learn to differentiate the urgent from the important.

Managing time effectively is a competence and a skill that should be valued very positively in our collaborators, since it is key to improving the competitiveness and productivity of our organizations, and therefore of ourselves.

With this course the participant will be able to identify the urgent tasks from the important ones, and which ones can be delegated. In this way, you will incorporate tools that will allow you to assign roles, responsibilities and tasks with a schedule that will adjust to your needs and those of your organization.

Reunión de equipo
Effective communication

Improve your negotiation skills

Effective communication is a type of communication in which we manage to transmit the message in an understandable and very clear way for the receiver without causing doubts, confusion or possible wrong interpretations. Therefore, it would seem, that what is proposed is achieved.

With this course the participant will be in a position to improve the relationship with himself and with others through the incorporation of techniques of evaluation, understanding, effective listening and legitimizing of the other, which enhance the dynamics of the work groups.

Consulta fiscal

Personal growth strategies

Good leadership is not a simple company, it is not only about the coordination of functions and activities oriented towards a specific goal, it also needs an understanding of the needs that arise from interpersonal relationships between the members of a work unit and the organization as a whole.

With this course the participant will be in a position to assume a leadership role in accordance with the competencies required by a context of constant uncertainty, by recognizing strengths and weaknesses of their own profile, of the diversity of the members of their team. You will be able to identify your own and team motivational factors and you will understand that delegation is an essential instrument for the growth of the company and the generation of trust in the group.

Reunión virtual
Team management in virtuality

Test your driving skills

The dynamics of organizations and the way in which groups and individuals behave and interact within them and with the context, will determine not only the organizational culture but also their own success. The home office has highlighted the importance of team leaders and remote management.

In this course, the participant will be able to identify the precise monitoring tools, operational and dynamic agreements to relax the team at certain times, especially when working under pressure or in unusual conditions.

Hombre con Laptop
Digital marketing

Learn to boost your business


Digital Marketing (or Online Marketing) is a set of marketing techniques that are executed in Internet media and channels. It is about making the most of online resources and opportunities to boost a business or brand efficiently.

In this course the participant will be in a position to apply the best digital marketing strategies to grow their business / company. You will learn how to create and optimize your social media strategy and create paid advertising campaigns on major social media and search engines. In addition, you can measure the results and optimize them constantly.

Thesis Workshop

Incorporates basic tools for writing academic papers


The Thesis Workshop seeks to formalize the thesis training in the main aspects of the research, providing theoretical, methodological and practical tools to design the Research Project that supports the Undergraduate, Master's or Doctorate Thesis, according to the subject area chosen by the student.

Pareja Meditando

Empower your personal and professional leadership by building positive relationships.

The "Mindfulness", also known as "full attention", consists of a state of consciousness that allows us to be intentionally attentive to what we do.

Its practice, validated by neurosciences, is recognized as an effective way to reduce stress, increase self-awareness and improve general well-being. In addition, it acts as an agent of change and leadership, by collaborating in facing challenges by creating environments for dialogue and collective learning.

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